Safeeyes Provides Internet Safety For Families And Businesses

The internet brings the world into our homes and businesses. Families and businesses are increasingly concerned about safety as inappropriate content flourishes. Safeeyes, available in over 150 countries, is one of the companies offering solutions to these concerns.

The internet has simplified daily chores in many ways. Shopping, bill paying, even research projects are completed online, at home and at work. Music, TV, and movies are available on demand. Friends and family chat and exchange photos daily using the social networks likeFacebook and Myspace. The internet is available everywhere, even in our cars with iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

With so much information readily available, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. This is especially a problem for children. Private information becomes public. They chat with strangers online in chat rooms and online gaming sites. Pornography is a mouse click away. Parents are looking for software solutions to monitor and control internet access.

One such solution provided by Safeeyes works at home and on the go. It blocks or limits undesirable content and websites and sets time limits for internet access. It works on MACS and PCs and a mobile version protects children using iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Parents can choose one of thirty-five categories or choose specific websites to block. Searches can be restricted to block adult websites or any other undesirable web location. Different time limits and levels of access can be set for individual users. Detailed activity reports make it easy for parents to fine tune the security settings of their choice. Usage alerts let parents know immediately by phone or email if their child attempted to access a restricted site. Instant messaging, social networking and chat room activity can be prohibited or recorded.

Parents can restrict music and video downloads by content. Downloading pirated videos via media sharing is prohibited. Online gaming sites, another way strangers gain access to children, can be blocked. Gaming sites can also be restricted by content or the parent can specify sites not allowed.

Instant alerts can be provided. A parent will receive a text, phone call or email if a blocked site is searched. Activity reports showing sites visited, searches requested, videos watched and music downloaded can be accessed daily or weekly. Social networking can be recorded and included in the activity reports.

Businesses report concerns with employees using company computers for personal pleasure to chat with friends, surf the web, and even access pron sites. They are looking for ways to control and monitor access to company computers on company time. Many have developed written policies and purchased software that makes enforcement easy and practical.

Ethershield and Safeeyes Business are two software packages available for this use. Ethershield monitors us to 200 computers, and protects wired and wireless networks. Safeeyes Business works for businesses of any size. Both can block websites by category and also allow for specific sites to be blocked or restricted. Companies can even limit computer usage to specific times of the day, for any or all of their computers. The administrator receives activity reports to ensure employee compliance with company policies. They also work as parental control software.

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